CAMP #1 - Columbus, Montana


What an awesome experience!!! Curtis, Cody, JT and Derrick engaged the kids from start to finish. Both the written and verbal instruction were well presented,easy to follow and retain. Every ability level from just starting to the seasoned youth benefited and could see improvement in their livestock evaluation abilities. Each left with a renewed confidence to evaluate livestock and explain their decision. This is a must attend clinic if you are just starting or need that extra push to get to the top. Passionate instructors sharing powerful knowledge.

Dale Booth, MT


CAMP #1 - Columbus, Montana

When my 10 year old daughter was finished with her 2nd fair this year she looked at me and told me that she wanted to be a livestock judge.   I’m sure I looked at her a little funny because I would think that would be a hard job on a lot of days.  I said O.K.  and asked her why.  She told me it was because she had met some really nice ones this year that helped her and she wanted to be able to do the same for other kids someday.  How can you argue with that?

We went to the Montana Fair and saw the flyer for the Judging Experience.  At first I thought boy I really don’t know if my daughter is ready for something like this.  I called and visited with Curtis himself (which impressed me a little.) and he told me it was going to benefit kids of all ages.  He was right!

We went to the camp with several kids and parents from our county.  Our group ranged in age from 10 all the way up to 40.  We all had a great time and we all learned a lot.  Curtis and his crew all talked to the kids in a way that engaged them and encouraged them to ask and answer questions.  They were funny and approachable.  They gave us all great ideas on how to make giving reasons easier.  Just listening to them speak showed the kids “Presence” without them even having to teach it.  They demonstrated it.  Their method should help them succeed and take stress out of the equation. 

It was a great camp put on by some really great guys!!  My little girl can’t wait to go compete.  She comes home from school and wants to judge everything.  Dogs, pigs, cattle, goats, chickens, donuts, you name it she’s judging it.  We would recommend The Judging Experience camp to everyone!

Jen Otis, MT


CAMP #1 - Columbus, Montana

My family and I recently attended the judging experience held in Columbus Montana. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in livestock judging. From beginners to experienced judgers you will benefit! We had the opportunity to meet and learn from 4 professionals and sort through high quality stock.
The coaches were so enthusiastic, positive, and inspiring to all. 
Marlo Leachman, MT


CAMP #2- Brenham, TX

This camp was by far the most educational experience my daughter has ever experienced as a young and growing livestock judger. Curtis and his team are top-notch professionals who shared their livestock judging evaluation expertise with the students in a highly positive and educational way. Each coach was a valuable asset and they worked together with some of the highest quality animals I have ever seen. All students no matter their experience level benefitted graciously from this teams professional instruction. The passion shown by each coach was remarkable so the experience was not a "school classroom" environment. Positive feedback was shared; livestock terminology discussed and explained hands on as well as step by step instruction was most impressive.

Nancy Bolcik, TX

CAMP #2- Brenham, TX

First of all this was a great camp! I am an AST at Van Vleck High School in Texas. I took my twin sons and a sophomore FFA member. I also had two Jr. FFA members attend this camp. Curtis and his team did a fabulous job working with these students. In Texas we do not give reasons, only questions, during our FFA livestock judging contests. I was impressed with the simplicity for giving a set of reasons as explained by the panel. This skill will help out our livestock judging members in the future. The quality of animals that were assembled for this camp were awesome. The classes were challenging, but placeable if the students followed the advice of Curtis and his team. As a livestock judging coach, I am always willing to learn more and expose my students to any opportunities to get better. I would strongly recommend this camp to anyone if they get a chance to attend one in their area.

Scott Meinardus, TX



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